Know Privacy Legal Right in Canada

We are in the time of digitizing world. Have you realized that  more and more companies and medias try to get into your privacy so they can analysis you any time for selling you more stuff and create the illusion of products and services that you should have, incl. iphones are listening at all time, some time they speak. The digital phone companies are not teaching consumer how to switch on/off such features that most of people do not even know it!!! Don’t you think it  breaches trust to sell consumers products with features that consumers are not aware of before purchase it? How can the companies do better and how can we as the citizens and consumers help them do better? Each of us has the responsibility to act to protect our rights and hold companies ethically accountable.

Often when you go to a store or an outlet to buy something or service, the first thing they try hard the most is to get your private intimation such as emails, names, even age and birthdays and more. This should alert all citizens on this planet! Good news is that in Canada we have Privacy Law to protect consumers and regulates all business entities. Consumers are not sheep herd nor victims! Knowledge has the power! So study it and know your rights!

Here is the 10 basic law all businesses and companies must compliance:

Organizations’ Responsibilities under the Act

Organizations must follow a code for the protection of personal information, which is included in the Act as Schedule 1. The code was developed by business, consumers, academics and government under the auspices of the Canadian Standards Association.

The 10 principles that businesses must follow are:

  1. Accountability
  2. Identifying purposes
  3. Consent
  4. Limiting collection
  5. Limiting use, disclosure, and retention
  6. Accuracy
  7. Safeguards
  8. Openness
  9. Individual access
  10. Challenging compliance

These principles can be further researched and read upon from this federal government link. Mind you all, provincial privacy law must compliance to the Federal Privacy Law。Here it is, click on it to find more information:

A guide to complying with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act



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