This venue services public to list selected public events that reflect IEEE spirit  to bring awareness, enhance life, true knowledge, effective skills to successes and the power of democracy. It also will list selected past events video clips accordingly.
2014-15 Events in Planning…check back often, and,
contact us with your input which will be highly valued!

History always is our best teacher, so do review following event happened in 2011 civic election, and give you a perspective how you are going to vote in the upcoming electionS and how you can shape our better future for your life, your family, your community, your city, your BC and your Canada!
2012 – 2011 Completed events:
Event Topic:
Civic Election Candiates & community leaders Meeting of Review of the uncovered “The Cheating Sheet”
1. Your Civic Election Experience – The good, bad and ugly
2. Is Canadian Election Law too loose?
3. Have immigrants’ weakness in English been targeted by the wicked in the election?
4. Copy of the real ballot sheet w. pre-selected choices marked, distributed to voters – cheat sheet (Image see bottom of this page)? Charter says..
5. Are government boards income tools or seats for community leaders to take term to lead? Why there are no rules to eliminate anyone to run more than three terms?
6. Does Canada have specific election ethics guideline for Citizen both the runners and voters to follow:
– Should voters vote for party’s interest or public’s best interest?
– Who should be the one governs: Party or Government?
– Whom the governments represent? Who is the boss: Government or the public?
– In voting, what is the most important consideration: The candidate’s quality or the name of the Party?
7. What are civic threats to public in each sector of the boardroom – city council, parks board, school board?
8. Do parents have the rights over their children’s education and social network?
9. Privacy rights. Should this kind of rights be used to shell crimes? How are we doing now?
10. Does Canada have a bill of parents’ rights and responsibilities over their under age of 18, children’s  education?
11. Any transparency over How tax dollars are spent – all city infrastructure repair, maintenance, replacement and new development, such as road projects and housing new developing?
12. More? Bring your ideas and voice to the table!

Following events are past events:
Candidates gathering dinner forum on Nov 26 or 27 (Sat or Sun) – to be determined on Nov. 25th. RSVP only.
1-3 m’ stand out presentation from each attendee. So get prepared to present your voice!



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