Welcome Membership

CCC’s Mission is to IEEE: Inspire! Encourage! Empower! Enable!

CCC is the Fight Deck for Canadian Citizens voice their concerns, opinions, provide input to assist governments evolving policies and hold governments accountable; for governments to get connected with grassroots citizens. A role as a partner of Canadian Citizens and Canadian governments; Bridge Canadian Citizens and governments to come to synergy, come to peaceful discussion matters to our national wealth, health, security and consumers rights.

CCC Organizes forums, seminars and IEEE related Trainings. Provide interviews and windows of open communications, from time to time and case to case.

MEMBERSHIP: 12.00 CAD/Year non-refundable.

Member Benefits: As members of Canadian Citizens Congress (CCC), grass roots Canadians’ many voices become one strong voice! As members of CCC, we are asking questions, voicing concerns, provide ideas and leadership, IEEE citizens, our governments and the world.

We lead with IEEE example, we monitor:

– our governments operate w. accountability, transparency, inclusive, equal opportunity for all qualified citizens
– our education, family and jobs must be put as #1 priority in all levels of government operation
– a tightened consumer rights law and laws to protect all working classes without one class better than another
– more incentive to all citizens and all business – IEEE them to be successful by do good for the community
– a tightened watch on governments pay raise vs. average private sectors and overall economy reality

– a tightened watch on how our tax dollars be used domestically and overseas

– a new mind set on getting rid of bad name of Politics by uncovering bad apples in the pot, IEEE our grass roots take the ownership of our citizenship, respect the prestige to vote as well as take on the responsibilities of the choice you make for the best interest of public, NOT for unsustainable purpose.

We always look for our Canadian Citizens Congress Members’ input to make this site your flight deck, the roots of growing great strength of prosperity for all Canadians and Canada!

CONTACT us your ideas and what You Can Do To Lead.

To become a Member of Canadian Citizens Congress:
By Joining, member agree that CCC has right to reject without notification of membership, should the member or member-to-be is found not in good standing: such as, not limited, has crime records, unstable mental health problem, has drug or sex addiction, has habit of manipulations or dishonesty.

12.00 CAD non-refundable Trial Annual Membership Fee
Payment through your bank account to eTransfer to: CanadianCitizensCongress@gmail.com


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